Voluspa Mini Candle Trio - Goji & Tarocco Orange, Santal Vanille, Panjore Lyche

$49.95 USD

Fragrance descriptions
Goji and Tarocco Orange is an exotic fragrance, a rich citrus with a sweet side. It’s fresh, fruity, and incredibly addicting.

Panjore Lychee is the Fountain of Youth captured in a fragrance. It’s sweet, carefree, and effortlessly feminine—a playful mix of juicy pear and tart lychee you’re sure to find irresistible.

Santal Vanille’s intoxicating creamy notes of vanilla anchored by warm woody notes make this fragrance smooth and sensual. Vanilla lovers, you’re welcome.

About the Candles: These candles have 25 hours of burn time, but the vessel’s life is exponentially longer. The gorgeous tins feature a lid that not only protects the wax from dust between uses but allows you to turn this candle into a catch-all for keepsakes post-burn. The custom coconut wax blend and two-wick configuration creates a luxurious scent experience that’s never overpowering and always clean burning.

Combining two or more fragrances to layer an individual-to-you scent is encouraged. Create clusters of candles for and eye-catching, magical glow, mixing formats and placing the groups throughout different areas in your home like the dining room table or smack in the center of your living room on a mirrored tray.

These candles are hand poured in the United States using sustainable, ecologically sound, and pesticide-free manufacturing. This product is not tested on animals. It features 100 percent natural wicks and an unparalleled fragrance integrity.

This set contains:
- 3 x 4.0 oz/ 113 g in Goji and Tarocco Orange, Panjore Lychee, and Santal Vanille