Lorenzo Villoresi

Theseus Perfume By LORENZO VILLORESI FOR WOMEN - 3.4oz/100ml

$129.50 USD

Theseus Perfume by Lorenzo Villoresi, Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to exotic lands, searching for adventure? that concept is what guided the creation of theseus by lorenzo villoresi firenze in 2011. This is a perfume that is more noble and elegant in nature. With the inclusion of spices and herbs from far-off lands, this fragrance has a peppery and citrusy vibe to it. It also utilizes resins from interesting plants. It is rounded out with aromas from flowers and ancient woods, creating something that is nearly impossible to replicate. The fragrance house of lorenzo villoresi firenze has been around since 1990, and many of the fragrances by the brand are inspired by the middle east. This is due to the studies and travels of the company’s found, lorenzo villoresi, who was the nose behind this specific perfume. He utilizes exotic spices in virtually all his creations, and to teach others of his ways, he has written several books on the concept of perfumery. He works as an independent perfumer, meaning he works outside of some of the larger perfume houses. This allots him the freedom he needs to create aromas no one else is making. If the theseus of greek mythology were to wear a fragrance, it would certainly be this.