Nobile 1942

Cafe Chantant Exceptional Edition Unisex Perfume By NOBILE 1942 FOR MEN AND W

$219.95 USD

Cafe Chantant Exceptional Edition Perfume by Nobile 1942, Cafe chantant exceptional edition by nobile 1942 captures the spirit of unconventional women who don’t mind being a showstopper. Released in 2015, this innovative perfume features complex and unique notes that come together to create something new, intriguing and utterly irresistible. The first spritz unleashes the delicious and juicy sweetness of black cherry and laurel with the distinctive aroma of aniseed. A powdery and seductive heart of heliotrope and iris quickly make an appearance. It finishes with the long-lasting and desire-inducing notes of benzoin, patchouli, vanilla and musk.